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You May Now Get Excited, It's Christmas Rental Time!

Let the Countdown Begin!

Christmas can be such a whirlwind, especially if you have to travel and throw something at your house. We do have a suggestion for you though! The suggestion involves you not having to get out one extra plate, press one napkin, or iron one table linen. Oh, and if you wanted you also do not have to load and unload the dishwasher with one flatware, how does that sound to you?

Really the rental options are unlimited, but here are a few highlights of quick grabs for you!

1.) China & Flatware

There are many options here to think about. First, consider how many plates in total you want to have. Some of the options here have just a charger and eating plate, while others stack 2-3 plates on top of the charger. This will be dependent on the type of meal being served and the courses involved. Textures are fun to play with as well, as in the bottom right image, there is a beautiful woven mat and the plates play on the idea of a scalloped edge. Simple but elegant!

But imagine how much more fun you get to have setting the table if you just rent the plates?!

2. Linens

Keep it simple with just a runner, have just a tablecloth, runner and tablecloth, or layers of tablecloths. Depending on your color scheme you can use textures and layers of linens, or even have alternating ones if you have more than one table. Don't forget napkins though! The best piece with renting napkins is you are not creating waste with paper and you do not even have to wash them! You just get to place them out on the table with that adorable napkin holder and corresponding name tag you have for every guest.

3. Serving Materials

Being invited to a holiday party basically means there is an assumption you will be able to eat a lot of food. To make sure you, as the host, are able to serve enough and at the proper temperatures we highly recommend getting some serving help. You can rent carrier warmers to keep extra food in, open top tray warmers, or roll top warmers. All of those will help keep food hot and extra trays of it ready to go! Some other serving ideas to rent are large coffee or hot drink warmers, these allow you to make a big batch and just let it be! A fun item, that would really spruce up the party, is a carving station! You can also just look to rent serving bowls and plates to keep you from having to get and wash all of yours out! This will leaves you only having to worry about making sure the food makes it!

4. Color Options

Christmas really comes with numerous color directions to choose from. All of the ideas to the left probably do not even encompass them all. The best element of this, in our opinion, is you have the ability to go vibrant or really natural and soft with warmer tones.

You can go with deep winter colors like purple, navy, or hunter green. These would pair well with your natural woods and pine elements. Add in a splash of red with fresh or fake cranberries to complete the look!

A vibrant table scape can be very joyful and fun for any age! Here you would want to stick with magenta, gold, or turquoise. Colorful ornaments in glass jars and lots of lights make color set bring a smile to anyone's face.

A very soft pink and ivory approach can be simple and elegant. Small additions of snow or sparkles can make these colors stunning on a table. This would also be a great place to play with textures in your linens, like using a rosette satan linen. What a fun way to spruce up the table!

If you want assistance in pairing all of these items together or getting an order set up for your holiday party give us a ring at (859) 266-1197! We would be happy to answer any questions you have!


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