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Finding the Right Vendors for You

Getting the right people around you on the big day is really important, because they are going to help take care of all of the little details on the day of. These individuals will on the day of the wedding be responsible for many elements that will make the wedding go smoothly or not. Due to that you want to take some time to look through your options and map out your options.

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Where to Actually Begin

As you all make up the couple this day is about, you will need to figure out what is most important and where you will need to dedicate your greatest efforts to.

If you want one element to really blow the guests away, or if the photos/video you take home from that day mean everything to you, be honest. Talk through what each of you actually want because that will quickly make it easier for you to decide which vendors to spend more time on while researching.

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Start the Search

Once you have found the vendors you care the most about utilize all the resources you have! We want to say here that if you do not have a wedding planner that is completely ok, and you do not need one to be able to plan an amazing wedding.

If you have a wedding planner ask them for their suggestions, if you don't google and friends and family work just as well! There are endless sites that compare all the options for each type of vendor in your area. You might need to consult a variety of sites to be able to get that complete list, but it is there for you.

If you run into the trap of not being able to find an actual price or the information you are looking for with that vendor contact them! Many of these websites have a very easy contact button to click on!

Keep in mind all of the items that cost money when choosing vendors, because everything will add up very quickly if you do not take all costs into perspective. Keeping a handwritten budget sheet, excel sheet, or budget app can be the best way to do this. There are many free printable templates, wedding websites, or books that have this all set up for you.

Be weary of the amazing deals some people attempt to offer, because they might not end up being that much deal for you in the end. Some vendors have a package that might be at a lower price than a competitor, but they might do the add ons method of pricing. The competitor you are comparing them to might be an all-inclusive deal that at the end is less expensive. So give time for the research and communication back and forth between you and the vendors.

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Picking the Right Fit

Vendors really are puzzle pieces that help to complete your big day. This is why it is so important the vendor is a right fit for you and shares the same wants that you do.

If your vendor is constantly trying to push something on you that you are not wanting or simply just asking clarifications about, they are not doing this job in the interest of serving you. You should feel confident in the work they complete, because with all of the things you will be attending to on your wedding day - they should just be able to set up and go.

Make sure when setting your contract up with them you are as detailed as possible, but then you need to let it go. Give them needed updates, but there is no need to email or call every month to check in on things.

It is important to figure out what you want and give importance to, because then that needs to be relayed to the vendors you end up hiring. They can't be expected to know every little thing you are wanting for your day, be they can be expected to help bring your vision to life - once they are informed of it!


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