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Unique Wedding Ideas!

Weddings are typically seen as an event that follows a lot of traditions, but if those traditions do not suit you for your wedding then what should stop you from leaving them behind? Nothing!

There are so many areas you can add fun touches to and really express your style as the couple the day is about! This can be done in the invitations, theme, clothing for the day, the ceremony, the reception, and the send off. We have made it easier for you to explore and have made a list that touches on each of those areas, and we hope you find something you like!

Introducing people to your big day can be a great way to start kick your non-traditional day! LoveAtEverySight designed these humorous and inviting cards to send to guests to let them know you simply just want to celebrate them. This particular stationary is actually to invite guests to an elopement occurring at a residence. This same style of invitation can be used for any format of wedding day though! Just make sure to inform guests what you want through this.

We do want to make sure that it is understood, having a non-traditional wedding does not mean it needs to be a completely casual event. A lot of the suggestions and ideas we discuss here will take a more relaxed feel, but they can be coupled with more traditional elements or be twisted to best fit with the event style you have envisioned! As long as the guests are communicated to, and have a format to follow at the event, then you can do whatever you both please for the big day. Let's discover some more!

Ruffled brought a really unique idea to life in showcasing the idea of hosting a carnival themed wedding. This theme can be kept as casual or fancy as you would like, which is why think it is such a unique idea. You can even use this theme to provide entertainment for guests - this can be done through having rides or classic carnival games! Other fun theme ideas you could pursue, would be camping or the great outdoors, your favorite sport, boating or oceanic, or even a holiday themed event. Throwing a Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, or Halloween event can be a fun way to spruce it up! This makes it really easy to map out your color scheme then too!

Attire is sometimes some of the hardest elements to pick for the wedding day, and at times can be very pricy for everyone involved. This is an area where a lot of individuality can occur for all people in attendance. For brides, you do not have to go with white, a dress, or anything you do not want to go with! You can pick a floral, stripped, or solid colored gown and still be the shining beauty in the room. Instead of you wearing white, bridesmaids can show up in that color or a similar light color to have your bold tones stand out. Now, say you don't want to wear a dress at all, let's do it! There are now many designers that make bridal jumpsuits or pantsuits that could better suit (no pun intended there - well maybe it was) your fashion style! You should be comfortable!

There also does not need to be a room full of suits. Grooms and groomsmen can sport different variations they are relaxed in, jut like on the other side! If you wanted to stick with a suit though, it doesn't have to be black, navy, or grey. Choose a bold color or pattern to accompany your bold dress or jumpsuit. Throw in a lot of floral accents with a statement tie and maybe lose the jacket to show it off! And last of all, don't forget the fun you can have with the socks. Pick a theme or allow each person to express their individuality with a sock pairing of their choice. Superheros, sports, shapes, all welcome.

The ceremony is the part of the big day where you get to have some of the most special moments with your significant other. This should be a space where you are completely comfortable and at peace with the flow and setting, actual elements that occur, and the length. Non-traditional directions you could go would be to not have a wedding party, an aisle, or chairs. all of your guest could just watch from the audience and not stand by you, or all of them could be standing. If you do not want to bring chairs in all attendees could stand around you or sit on blankets with scattered pillows. You do want to make sure they will be comfortable for the duration of the ceremony. If you are asking them to stand you probably do not want to have a 30-45 minute ceremony. The ceremony time should be evaluate with the amount of elements you want to occur in this space though. Don't rush through it if you want to include elements that mean a lot to you as a couple, but if it is just something someone else did that they recommended to you but you have no desire to do it - let me help you - don't do it. Let me help you say no! Let's practice, "no, I do not want to do that." This is best practiced alone, in front of a mirror.

Finally, make the celebration a fun space for you to partake in. We are at the end of the day celebrating you all! Enjoy food you would actually like to have - whether that be hamburgers and hot dogs, pizza, or a carving station. As long as it is something that bring joys to you, then it is a great choice! If you don't want to have dancing that's ok too, you can mix up the traditional dances and only have a first dance, do in-law dances, or none at all. The music can just simply be background music that provides a light hum throughout the event space to keep it calm and relaxing. And when you are ready to head off to your new adventure, you do not need a flashy vintage car in order to do this correctly. You every day car works just as good, a motorcycle, or a carriage. Again, you choose. You could also just walk! Hopefully all of these fun ideas give you a way to really and honestly express what you want on this day - just enjoy it! :)


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