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The Etiquette Behind Glassware

Glassware not only looks pretty on a table, but it is meant to serve as a complementary piece to the meal. They want to be friends with your food!

Depending on the event and the level of fanciness you as the host are looking to achieve, there could possibly be many options to choose from. Wine, beer, cocktails, water, and coffee are all served in different shapes and sizes of glassware.

Starting off with a glass of wine, because this single drink could require the most choices. With wine alone, there is more than one type of beverage and each type requires its own glass - meaning red, white, and rose. Additionally, certain wines are good pair for some food options, but would then be a bad pairing for others. For all of the other drinks discussed here, the glass simply serves as a way to express the personality of the event, and the options just allow for you to explore styles! So, grab your drink of choice, and let's have some fun!

Whimsy Wine

Some quick pairings to keep in mind are white wines go best with carbs, cheese, and vegetables - especially roasted ones! For protein, white is best with light seafood. On the other end, red wine should be friends with heavy seafood and basically any other kind of protein. White, red, dark, or smoked meat all pairs nicely with a red wine.

Image from R.Ewers Etsy

One Bottle of Beer, Two Bottles of Beer...

Beer can be a fun way to express your tastes, or offer a tasting for the attendees! It can be served from the bottle on ice in buckets around the event, on tap, or poured in a glass. Keeping it classic with a beer glass or mug is a great choice, or you can branch out and try Pilsner glass. An addition like this supports lighter beers well and holds in all the foam. A third option that is versatile to compliment any beer is a Pint glass. It can handle the flavor, boldness, or lightness of any good ole beer.

Photo from WeddingChicks

Come Get Your Cocktails!

There are really endless options when it comes to mixed drinks for what goes in the glass! You can use this space to make a drink specifically for the event being celebrated or you could go with a classic. You have a range from lowball to high ball glasses depending on the glass to drink ratio you are looking for. Or you can look to a martini glass and other stemmed or stemless glass looks. The glass helps to present the feeling of the drink. A classier drink, like and Old Fashion, will have a simple and clean drinking vessel - while a fruity mix needs to be shown off more!

Image from Style Me Pretty

Coffee Classics

Alcohol doesn't need to be the only thing served to have a party! Coffee can also be a great accompanying drink after a night of fun. If you are serving coffee after offering other drinks, keep in mind that not everyone will partake in that portion of the offerings. When choosing your coffee glassware, you will not need to have one for every person at the event. Make sure to not forget the saucers, stirring spoons, and cream & sugar containers to be able to allow everyone to make coffee how they like it!

When looking to find the right glasses to set the table pick ones that you think are fun and will best allow for your guests to enjoy their beverage! Don't be afraid to look away from the classics in each each category. Happy drinking!


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