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Setting the Table

Wait how many spoons do I need?

Tables are the focal point of your meal, especially when guests first walk in. You have creative ability from the color of the linen to every detail in the centerpiece. Use the table however you so please! All of the plates and flatware can be set or you could just have the centerpieces pulling the look together and the rest of the space can be clean.

Before we begin with the decorations, learning the basics of setting the table is a must. We have provided you a quick guide below to make this process low stress oriented!

Pick Your Choice!

Level One

Hosting a friends-giving or a dinner party and game night? This is your level! Keeping it simple with just the needed flatware and single glass is best. This level leaves you with less set-up and clean up and a level of relaxing during the meal of the event.

Level Two

This casual place setting works well for a large event that is not formal but you want an elevated level of class with the meal. If you are looking to include a little wine and more than one course, but still keeping a homestyle feel level two has got you! Layering the china gives an interesting and interactive touch. No need for extra flatware on this one though.

Level Three

Finally, the formal settings are best for dinners with bosses, weddings, and large milestone celebrations. This look gives proper options for each portion of the multiple course meal, along with drinks to be paired as well. Throughout the meal parts of this setting will be pulled away, but the

larger number of china and flatware work for the prolonged meal time that is a part of these type of events.

Overall, these levels are flexible. If you are wanting to have a fancy wedding but don't want to give each of your guests a salt and pepper shaker, that's ok! You can do a combination of Level Two and Three to best suit the feel you are going for. Also, don't be bashful from throwing a fancy night at home with friends! You can go all out for the Fourth of July dinner! Place settings can be customized to fit your event, you do you!


Holiday Sustainable Centerpieces!

Each holiday brings something new and fun for decorating! Whether it be with colors or notable symbols and items, all are unique and fun.

The best part about holidays is it is really easy to keep it simple when setting the table. St. Patricks Day can be as easy as using green mason jars, as Country Living did, that could then be repurposed for almost anything throughout the rest of the year.

Thanksgiving and Halloween can even share some decorations. DIYBunker and Decor Head both used a pumpkin theme and the orange range of color for leaves and flowers. Decorating the table can involve sharing with other events, no need to buy new each time!

Two Sweet for Two shows how fun it can be to dress a table for Cinco de Mayo, and the best part - you guessed it those colored wine glasses can for sure be used again!

All of the centerpieces above are great sources for inspiration, but make it your own


Simple Centerpieces

Not everything involving a table needs to be elaborate! Feel free to break it back down to the basics to show off the gorgeous food you will be serving. Five Fourteen Photo shows this beautiful shot of a simple glass jar and two white roses with greenery. A look like this is classic and elegant - and minimalistic. There is nothing wrong with slightly garnishing your event tables with little details. Sometimes less is more, whatever fits your style.


Linens or No Linens?

Some tables, like rustic or vineyard style ones are beautiful on their own and we shouldn't cover that up! Traditional banquet and rounds need some love on top before we set them. White, cream, or ivory linens

are going to bring a simple clean start - but no need to stick to those! Darker colors will give a dramatic and romantic feel to the tables. The best thing to utilize linens for though, is to push the event's theme and colors. Take time to look at the different types of fabric, and as we recommend come into the store and feel it for

yourself! Even better, you do not need to stick with one type. Linens can be layered to give different patterns and levels of color. If you are looking to use a table that doesn't require a full cover of linens, table runners are a greta option. They bring softness to the table and a blast of color.

Tables are your space to play so take these tips and run! If you need help deciding where to begin we would love to help you, we have been been in this business for awhile ;). Please head to our website to set up a consultation or call anytime.


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