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Our Favorite Event Caterers in Lexington, KY!

Food. Everyone loves food. Well, everyone loves good food. If everyone loves food, then why do we still see "Rubber Chicken" dinners?? If you're tired of boring food at your parties then look no further than the four caterers below. They will be sure to wow all of your guests every time.

Purdon's Rental & Selmas Catering

Selma’s Catering has been a preferred caterer for Lexington, Kentucky for 20 years because our food is beautifully displayed and delicious. Our team is professional, courteous and fun! From set-up to tear-down, we go the extra mile for you and your guests.

Selma’s is a caterer and special events management company, serving the finest, freshest and most tasty food in Lexington Kentucky. We serve locally sourced food. We’re part of the Kentucky Proud movement, which encourages eating and buying of local produce.

Purdon's Rental & Lyles BBQ Company Lexington KY

The Lyles family started selling BBQ on the side of the road. Now, four years later, the family has served thousands of customers and catered for hundreds of events. If you're guests are craving BBQ, then there is no way you could go wrong with these guys!

Smoking BBQ is a low and slow process. Meats like pulled pork and brisket take over 12 hours to smoke. That means that every night we are guessing how much BBQ we're going to sell the next day. Sometimes we guess low and sell out early! I promise that we don't not want to sell BBQ to you.

Type A Catering is a boutique, off-premises catering company, and has been serving central Kentucky since 2003.  Type A Catering is a full-service catering company and can provide all food & beverage services, rental coordination, as well as floor plan and timeline creation. ​Type A Catering is dedicated to using the freshest, and when possible, locally sourced ingredients.  Our secret ingredient for making each event successful is our staff, who approach each event with thoughtful expertise and time-tested experience. Our team customizes every menu to suit the palate and dietary needs of our clients, making each event unique and personalized.

There really is a plan for every person. How you get to that end is full of surprises, adventures, disappointments, tears and joy. Learning from each step just gets you to the point where you can use all of those experiences to make yourself better and to help others through those same surprises, adventures, disappointments, tears and joy.

All of us at DaRae and Friends in Lexington feel as though food is a mission in itself. The comfort and joy it brings, whether to you, your business or your guests, is part of what drives us. It's personal. We try to know every client personally, to give our very best effort to make the experience perfect. In our kitchen everyone is treated with respect.


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