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All the Decorations You Need to Remember for Your Big Day

Not everyone has a Joanna Gaines eye for design, and sometimes your DIY projects end up looking like one of those sarcastic, "Nailed It" memes.

Fortunately for you, we have over forty five years worth of experience making things look pretty, and while we may not be Joanna Gaines, our team of rental experts works closely with designers and planners every day to make your day everything you dreamed of and more! After all, your wedding might not be the best time to figure out whether or not you are any good at crafting. We've compiled a list of beautiful and affordable decorations for our unartistic bride friends who hear the words "do it yourself" and shutter.


Maybe you don't really consider flowers as decorations. Think again! I'm not talking bouquets and boutonnieres; florals can provide an added layer of decor to any design piece. Consider adding greenery to a welcome sign near the entrance or a few light colored florals to your wedding cake.

Pro tip: Flowers can be expensive. If you are looking for a cheap alternative, use silk flowers or stray away from the luscious buds and stick with greenery which is much more affordable!

Lighting and Drapery

This is the easiest and quickest way to transform a simple space into something more decorative and upscale. If you're looking to save money on a wedding venue, don't be afraid to rent something more basic and dress it up with all of the lighting and drapery you might need. Even just a set of clear or white string lights can provide a certain ambiance that you might be missing otherwise. For a bolder statement piece, consider renting a chandelier to hang in the center of your reception space.

Your drapery options really depend on what kind of venue you are trying to decorate. For ceiling decor, consider buying tobacco cloth to hang from any overarching or exposed beams. It comes in large bundles, and it is a cheaper alternative to most linens. If you need to transform a smaller area or disguise a certain entrance or exit that you want to discourage

guests from using, look into renting pipe and drape. You could also use it as a backdrop for a photo booth! This thicker material is perfect for framing openings and adding a touch of elegance wherever you may need it.

Pro tip: Make sure your venue is okay with you hanging things from the ceiling before you start decorating. As a follow up, if you plan on using any lighting or drapery from the ceiling, make sure you get measurements in advance and have some some way to get everything up there!


A little goes a long way here. There is a misconception that a good centerpiece should cost hundreds of dollars from a florist, and while we recommend working with your florist to add a little bit of color to the table, a few green leaves is all it takes. Accent with elegant decorations that serve a purpose. Candles are classic and timeless and work well with any variety of florals or greenery. Decorative lanterns in centerpieces are also popular. If you are using table numbers, look online for a free pdf printable that you like, and you're all done! Easiest "DIY" ever.

Pro tip: Read our previous blog on navigating Pinterest for your wedding to learn how to easily create boards to share with vendors so that all of your floral needs are in one place for your florist to see!

Arches and Entryways

Whether you opt to use a basic metal frame and florals or spruce it up with a set of old doors, your archways are one of the main focal points of the wedding ceremony. Some brides choose to use an intricate archway as the backdrop of the wedding while others locate them in the back for guests to walk through as they enter. Either way, all eyes will be on these pieces, so it may be worth considering investing more in your florals for statement decor like these.

Pro tip: If you choose to use your archway as an entry point for guests to be escorted into the ceremony, make sure your arch is wide enough to fit at least two people since, more than likely, the women will be escorted in by ushers. We don't want anybody getting stuck!

Special Tributes

If you are looking for a unique way to honor a loved one who has passed away, consider adopting this idea of "saving a seat" for your loved one during the wedding. All you need is the person's photo, basic picture frames, some ribbon, and a wreath if you would like to add a touch of color. While some people choose to have a table devoted to remembering their loved ones on their special day, this method of saving a seat seems more personal and helps you to remember that even though they may not be here in person, they are always with you in spirit.

Pro tip: If you are honoring more than one loved one, make sure that their photos are consistent. For example, if you are saving a seat for two grandparents, make sure that they are approximately the same age in both photos and that the printing (black and white vs color) is the same.


As with all of your decorations, your signage should match your style. What works at an outdoor barn wedding will be drastically different than what you will see at a wedding in the downtown city center. A few trends have emerged over the past few years for wedding signage, one of the most popular being custom neon signs. These beauties are what Pinterest wedding dreams are made of, and while they are gorgeous, they will cost you a pretty penny, especially if you choose to customize them with names, dates, or the like.

Another option is a simple scripted sign like the one below that can easily be found at an online print shop. Pair it with a hanging frame and some simple foliage for a more affordable option. Even cheaper still are these acrylic signs that mimic glass for a clear effect without the added weight or fear of breaking. A lot of Etsy shop owners offer these for a reasonable price for those of us wishing to avoid any DIY projects.

Pro Tip: For those who would prefer to customize it themselves, you can order blank acrylic pieces and use either vinyl stickers or a white paint pen to make them your own. If you can trust yourself with that kind of thing.

Ultimately, your decoration needs are completely unique to your wedding; it really depends on a variety of factors, primarily the number of guests and the style you are trying to achieve. For inspiration and design ideas, head to our website, call us at 859-266-1197, or come into the showroom, and let us help you plan your event, your way!


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