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Exploring Southern Weddings

Southern weddings bring such a unique charm, but not many people know all of the little details and traditions that come along with this style of wedding. We look to help break down all the fun things you could incorporate into your southern wedding and the main staples you have to have in order to stick on theme.

Traditions and Southern Details All in One List

Could there be anything more southern than traditions or little details? I think not :)

1. Burying the Bourbon

Worried about rain on your wedding day? Worry no more we declare! One month before you look to tie the knot pick up your favorite Kentucky bourbon, do not open or tamper with it in any way. Head to your wedding venue, dig a hole, and place that bottle upside down in the dirt - make sure to check with your venue please! Then come your big day dig up the bottle and share it with your bridal party.

Image from It Girl Weddings

2. Groom's Cake

This tradition did not actual begin in the south, but in the Victorian Era! The style of cake is what makes it southern now. A Groom's cake is a small gift a bride can give to her groom the night before at the rehearsal or it can be enjoyed at the wedding. The cake is meant to be all about the groom though! It can be of their favorite sports team, hobby, or really anything that resonates with them. Pick a design and flavor he loves and let the celebration begin.

3. All the Monograms

Linsdey Larue provides some excellent inspiration on southern ways to include the new initials. Southern weddings basically require the use of monograms.

Some fun ideas to place those three little letters are on the bouquet as shown to the right, napkins, menu cards, as a cake topper, or even on the wall of the reception space.

This is your day, so embrace that new last initial and personalize your event in one or all of the ways above.

4. The Plethora of Oh So Healthy, Southern Food

Weddings are not meant for dieting, especially not southern weddings, because if you are at one of those - you are going to eat my friend. Food options typically range in the bbq to fried continuum.

A buffet of all the choices is great, or you could do lots of little samplers! Something like a slider bar paired with other little bits is just a fun way to eat. Mini chicken and waffles or a biscuit and toppings area allows guest to feel apart of the experience, but you still get to offer those classic southern dishes.

Get creative, the food is another way to express your all's personality - so show us what you've got!

5. Something Borrowed and Something Blue

Yes, this is something almost every bride is told to do, but in the south it really is a MUST. Something that they are commonly included on is the bridal bouquet. Whether it be in pin form like on the right or small pictures of those unable to be at the big day. All items are traditionally family heirlooms and passed down to brides each generation. Southern brides typically really highlight these items in photos or in presentation during the ceremony or reception.

6. Signature Cocktails

Open bars and alcohol at weddings in general can be expensive. You can still have some fun options and a southern party feel, just with a twist! Offer a cocktail representative of each the bride and groom. You can stop there or also provide a limited selection of beers, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Make sure to include some of the southern classics or offer modern version of them!

When planning your southern wedding please feel free to reference this list and pick and choose fun little touches to add to your big day. This is your big day so embrace all those little things you love and show them off! Have fun planning your southern wedding!


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