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Brrr ... How Do We Heat this Tent?

There is no need to fear the cold when planning an event, you just need to know the tips and tricks to keep your space toasty. There are many benefits with planning an event in the fall and winter months, so don't let those cooler temperatures pull you away from exploring! Summer brings heat that is uncontrollable on your end, but by getting heaters in a tent you are able to control that level of heat!

Important Questions:

1. How many guests are there going to be in the tent at one time?

Take into consideration if you have more than one area for your guests to be during the reception time.

2. What are the dimensions of the tent(s) you are using?

This is crucial! The size determines how many heaters or systems you need, the amount of space that need to be covered, and the power of the heater needed.

3. What type of tent is required to heat it effectively?

For heaters to work the best the tent needs to be completely enclosed with walls. Without this, that precious warmth will escape to the outside!

What You Need to Heat:

1. Outlets, Outlets, Outlets

There need to be some sort of access within a 100 feet. This is important because you will need power in close proximity for the heaters. They will have to be right inside or right outside the tent connected to a vent.

2. The Right Amount of Fuel

Keep in mind the total length of your event.

With a wedding for example, you might have a rehearsal dinner and the big day, so you will need enough fuel for both.

3. Know Your Space

This helps to determine if you need a space heater or if you need a full tent generator.

It is much easier and more affordable to heat your tent than to attempt to cool it down. Naturally, the guests in attendance will increase the temperature inside, if the tent is closed well. So don't forget to take that into account when looking towards what you will need to achieve your ideal temperature.

For specific quotes and question, we would love to help you figure that out! When it comes to getting the right temperature, the details matter a lot! We have many configurations to make sure you get what you need. Give us a call at (859) 266-1197 or click the link to set up a consultation!


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