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Bring on the Turkey! Gobble Gobble!

Thanksgiving is a time to sit around the table and talk with those in your company, and the last thing you need to be thinking about is if you have enough chairs and tables and doing all the dishes! Let us swoop in and let you be able to relax at your own Thanksgiving party, for once :)


Let's start with where all that food goes. Whether it is being served on the side or in front of everyone on the table, shows how the classic banquet table can be decorated. On the other side, brings in how round tables can be just as exciting! Depending on the space you have and the layout you want to achieve, round tables can give a smaller setting at the table and more flexibility to move around. Or if you are needing to seat many, rectangle tables can be stacked next to each other and give a familial feel. You do have the option to combine both for separate uses too!

Image from Life is Better at Home


Depending on the style of table and the feel of your Thanksgiving event, you may go without the tablecloth, but it can add for easy cleanup. Especially when you know of a place that doesn't even ask you to wash them before returning... hint hint, that's us - we do that :) How could you pass that offer up?!

Something we recommend you do, is linen napkins, even if you are forgoing the table cloth! They provide a certain feel to your dinner and help to frame the plate. The image to the left uses all three options with the table cloth, table runner, and napkins. This provides a warm layered look.

If you are to use a vineyard or craft wood table, don't be scared to show that beauty off. You can still bring in layers and softness with the napkins!

Inspiration Found at Imagine Great Living

Flatware and China

Don't let all the dishes wear you down after having a wonderful meal with family and friends! Renting these items can make your event go so much smoother. Not only do they come ready to set or use, but after eating you just put them back in the box! Leaving you happy and full and the ability to spend those extra hours with guests or resting to avoid the turkey hangover...we've all had it, no need to hide it. There are also so many options on the types you could get. No matter how fancy or family oriented your event is, there is a plate, bowl, fork, spoon, and glass to match.

We highly recommend reaching out for some help on these items. It only gives you more freedom to enjoy everything Thanksgiving is about. Purdon's can help make that dinner possible for you, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions! Also, take a chance to come in and look at the show room, around this time of year we have many tables set up with fall decorations and would love to help give some inspiration! Set up a consultation here. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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